Trung Quốc giảm thuế gấp đôi cho hộ gia đình trẻ

chính sách mới này sẽ gấp đôi mức khấu trừ thuế cho các gia đình có con nhỏ dưới 3 tuổi và tăng mức khấu trừ thuế đối với gia đình có người già. 


To boost (thúc đẩy) its steadily declining birth rate (tỉ lệ sinh) and address challenges of a rapidly aging population, China has announced three new tax breaks (khấu trừ thuế, giảm thuế) to help ease (giảm nhẹ) the costs associated with raising children, supporting their education, and caring for elderly family members. 

The State Council announced Thursday that, effective (có hiệu lực) from Jan. 1, the new policies will double the personal income (thu nhập cá nhân) tax deduction (giảm thuế) for families with children under the age of three, and the monthly deduction allocated (phân bổ) for elderly care will be increased by 1,000 yuan ($138).

Parents individually earning more than 5,000 yuan each can now avail an annual tax deduction of 24,000 yuan — double the previous amount — which will be applicable until their children complete their education. This deduction can be equally shared between two parents or allocated to one, based on their circumstances (trường hợp).

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