Đừng hỏi vì sao em hư đốn

vì em học từ thằng khốn như anh,

xích chó công nghệ khiến chó sủa toàn từ bậy, kiểu đmm, cục ...ứt...

There are a lot of great options for dog collars on the market, but none of them will amuse (giải trí) you quite like the Cuss Collar from Mschf Labs. It’s a relatively simple product that combines a patent leather collar strap with an injection-molded speaker (loa khuôn đúc áp lực) that does exactly what you think it does–it swears (chửi thề) every time your dog barks. After all these years, it turns out Fido wasn’t saying things like “I love you,” “let’s go for a walk,” or “feed me,” he was saying things like “motherf#*ker,” “shit,” and all kinds of other expletives (lời tục tĩu).

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