Như này mới là tin tức

ông lão gần 70 tuổi ở thái lan cắn lại con trăn đang siết chân mình, để tự giải thoát...
A 68-year-old man woke up in his home to find a snake around his leg, which he bit in self-defense (tự vệ).

"I was so desperate (tuyệt vọng) that I even bit it, but it worked, and I was able to break free," Sarayuth Malachan, a security guard (nhân viên bảo vệ) who lives in Thailand, "It felt like I was going to die while fighting the python (trăn)."

Malachan woke from his nap due to sharp pain around his ankle (mắt cá chân) on August 21. He found a huge python wrapped from his foot to his knee with its teeth in his flesh.

The snake, identified as a reticulated python, is common throughout Southeast Asia and ranks as one of the world’s largest snakes, often eating humans, house pets and other snakes.

Malachan cried out for help, but when no one responded, he tried to wrestle himself free, which only caused the snake to squeeze tighter. He worried that because no one answered his calls for help, he might actually lose his leg.

source: foxnews,

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