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Ấn Độ sửa luật hàng hải: tàu nước ngoài được chở hàng & người dọc duyên hải...

India is planning to completely remove its cabotage laws (luật vận chuyển hàng hóa) which will allow foreign registered and flagged ships to work (cho phép các tàu nước ngoài được đăng ký và treo cờ) along its coast without obtaining a permit from the country’s Directorate General of Shipping.

This is seen as a massive move by the Narendra Modi-led government as the only ships currently allowed to work on local routes for carrying cargo are registered in India. Foreign ships can work along the coast only with an appropriate permit (giấy phép thích hợp). When it came into force, the law was intended to protect domestic shipowners (bảo vệ chủ tàu trong nước).

According to local media, this is seen as the biggest reform yet in the shipping sector but also a topic that will undoubtedly rile up Indian fleet owners.

The US’s Jones Act continues to raise shipping costs (chi phí vận chuyển), increase fuel usage (sử dụng) and harm the environment (gây hại tới môi trường). We should follow India’s example. Reminds me that there is no such thing as development economics.

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