Có chính phủ của riêng mình

nếu muốn, bạn có thể mua xe giám sát đã qua sử dụng của chính quyền với giá 26k usd,

A used government surveillance van is for sale in Chicago:

So how was this van turned into a mobile spying center (trung tâm gián điệp di động)? Well, let’s start with how it has more LCD monitors than a Counterstrike LAN party. They can be used to monitor any of six different video inputs including a videoscope camera (máy quay video). A videoscope and a borescope (kính soi) are very similar as they’re both cameras on the ends of optical fibers (sợi quang), so the same tech you’d use to inspect cylinder (xi lanh) walls is also useful for surveillance. Kind of cool, right? Multiple Sony DVD-based video recorders store footage captured by cameras, audio recorders by high-end equipment brand Marantz capture sounds, and time and date generators sync (máy phát điện đồng bộ) gathered media up for accurate analysis. Circling back around to audio, this van features seven different audio inputs including a body wire channel.

Only $26,795, but you can probably negotiate (đàm phán) them down.

source: schneier,

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