Những vụ hiếp dâm rúng động phơi bày rạn nứt văn hóa ở Ý

một mùa hè với đầy tội ác khủng khiếp, bao gồm vụ hãm hiếp tập thể hai cô gái trẻ, đã hướng sự chú ý vào thái độ của công chúng đối với phụ nữ cũng như vai trò ngày càng tăng của mạng xã hội.


Shattered glass (kính vỡ) surrounds the abandoned (bỏ hoang) swimming pool, along with dilapidated (đổ nát) benches, broken tiles and a single dirty mattress (nệm). Local police officers have identified the forsaken spot as one of the places where they say two young girls were repeatedly raped by a gang of their peers (bạn đồng trang lứa), all residents of the Italian town of Caivano, on the outskirts of Naples.

Though the rapes of the two girls, cousins just 10 and 12 years old, took place over many months, they seized (thu hút) national attention this past week after they were reported by the local news media, hurling the issue of violence against women and girls in Italy back into the spotlight (tâm điểm).

Those assaults (hành hung) were among a host of horrific crimes that have been all over the news this summer. Two weeks ago, the focus was on a group of seven young men, including one 17-year-old, who are under investigation in the rape of a 19-year-old woman in Palermo. Before that, there were cases of women being stabbed (bị đâm), shot or poisoned (đầu độc) by their partners or those known to them.

...The two young cousins grew up in public housing in the Rione I.A.C.P. district, in what neighbors described as troubled families. A juvenile court decided to move them to a foster home (nhà nuôi dưỡng). Their case is under investigation, and no charges have yet been filed.

...Ms. Veltri was referring to the sensation created by another recent case of gang rape in Palermo, which is still under investigation. This summer, seven young men met a 19-year-old woman at a downtown club. According to the police, they persuaded(thuyết phục) the bartender to pour her several drinks, encouraged her to smoke marijuana (cần sa) and then took her to an isolated (biệt lập) warehouse, where they raped her, beat her and filmed the abuse (lạm dụng).

A frame from security video that appeared in the news media showed them carrying her through the streets, as she could barely walk.
source: nytimes,

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