Chúng cãi nhau xem nhà hàng nào ngon hơn đó

các nhà học nhận thấy dơi kêu ko hề ngẫu nhiên, mà phân thành 4 loại kêu được, nhắm tới từng cá nhân riêng lẻ, chứ không phải chỉ chung chung...

They found that the bat noises (tiếng dơi) are not just random (ngẫu nhiên), as previously thought, reports Skibba. They were able to classify (phân loại) 60 percent of the calls into four categories. One of the call types indicates (chỉ ra) the bats are arguing about food. Another indicates a dispute (tranh luận) about their positions within the sleeping cluster (ngủ theo bầy). A third call is reserved for males making unwanted mating advances (tiến bộ giao phối) and the fourth happens when a bat argues with another bat sitting too close. In fact, the bats make slightly different versions of the calls when speaking to different individuals within the group, similar to a human using a different tone of voice when talking to different people. Skibba points out that besides humans, only dolphins (cá heo) and a handful of other species are known to address individuals rather than making broad communication sounds.

source: smithsonianmag,

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