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khu phố hơn 2.000 hộ dân ở New Jersey bị mất điện trong hai giờ vì... chim ưng thả cá từ trên trời xuống trúng dây diện... :D

An incident (sự cố) involving (liên quan đến) a bird gave new meaning (ý nghĩa mới) to the term “fish fry” after an electric company suspected (nghi ngờ) an osprey (chim ưng biển) of dropping its meal onto power lines (đường dây điện) – triggering (kích hoạt, gây ra) an outage (mất điện) in a New Jersey neighborhood.

A fish that fell from a bird’s grip landed on a transponder in Sayreville, located just southwest of New York’s Staten Island,

“Animal contact is a common cause of power outages; however, fish are not on the list of frequent (thường xuyên) offenders,”

The outage on August 12 impacted around 2,100 people and lasted less than two hours.

The Sayreville Police Department poked fun at the incident on Facebook, naming the deceased (chết) fish as Gilligan and pointing a finger at an osprey as “the suspect,” which was “last seen flying south,” the post read.

source: cnn,

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