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'Impossible is Nothing' là của Adidas, ko phải của Nike như mọi người lầm tưởng nhé...
At a party recently, a man I was talking to heard I was in advertising.

He said, “I remember a great ad from many years ago, the line was, “Nice One, Cyril” – the whole country was saying it.”

The woman we were talking with said, “Who was it for?”

He said, “Sunblest bread, and I still remember it after all these years”.

It’s great that he remembered it, but it wasn’t for Sunblest, it was for Wonderloaf.

Around that time, there was another campaign the whole country loved, starring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins, everyone still remembers it as that great Martini campaign.

And it was a memorable campaign, but it wasn’t for Martini, it was for Cinzano.

Years later I was teaching a class of ad students, they told me their favourite posters were the Nike campaign running everywhere with the line “Impossible is Nothing”.

And it was a powerful campaign, but it wasn’t for Nike, it was for Adidas.

There are dozens of campaigns like that, people love the ad but get the brand wrong.

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