Thế giới đã toàn cầu hóa từ sớm hơn bạn tưởng

gia vị châu á như nghệ..., và hoa quả như chuối... đã tới địa trung hải từ hơn 3.000 năm trước...

Asian spices (các loại gia vị) such as turmeric (nghệ) and fruits like the banana had already reached the Mediterranean more than 3000 years ago, much earlier than previously thought. A team of researchers has shown that even in the Bronze Age, long-distance trade in food was already connecting distant societies…

Working with an international team to analyze food residues (dư lượng thực phẩm) in tooth tartar (cao răng), the LMU archaeologist (nhà khảo cổ học) has found evidence that people in the Levant (vùng cận Đông) were already eating turmeric, bananas and even soy in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages. “Exotic spices, fruits and oils from Asia had thus reached the Mediterranean several centuries, in some cases even millennia, earlier than had been previously thought,” says Stockhammer. “This is the earliest direct evidence to date of turmeric, banana and soy outside of South and East Asia.” It is also direct evidence that as early as the second millennium BCE there was already a flourishing long-distance trade in exotic fruits, spices and oils, which is believed to have connected South Asia and the Levant via Mesopotamia or Egypt.

source: sciencedaily,

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