Độc lạ chiêu thức bán bất động sản ở Trung Quốc

với việc Trung Quốc đang tìm cách tái khởi động ngành bất động sản, dưới đây là một số cách bán bất động sản hết sức sáng tạo của quốc gia này.


Wives on the house?

A Tianjin-based subsidiary (công ty con) of major Chinese property developer Wanda Group was fined (phạt) 30,000 yuan ($4,117) on Sept. 4 for advertising that clients may “receive a free wife” when they buy a property. 

According to China’s corporate credit database (cơ sở dữ liệu tín dụng), the company first posted a video with the illegal advertising on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, in October last year, apparently (hình như) claiming that consumers could get a wife as a bonus with home purchases. 

The domestic outlet China Women’s News called the behavior “objectification (vật hóa) of women,” describing the video as “both immoral (thiếu đạo đức) and illegal.”

Flights and cleaning

Harbin, capital of the northeastern Heilongjiang province, has introduced several promotional measures targeting prospective (tiềm năng) buyers from the major city of Nanjing in the eastern Jiangsu province. These include free home furnishing and cleaning services, a two-year property fee exemption (miễn thuế), and even free round-trip flight tickets.

Farmers welcome

On Sept. 8, the provincial government in the northeastern agricultural hub of Jilin province announced a 100 million yuan fund to help farmers buy properties in urban areas. The move coincided with (trùng khớp) a slew of (nhiều) other measures aiming to stimulate (kích thích) property sales in the region, such as the lowering of down payment amounts. 

Buy one, get one free (Mua một tặng một)

On Sept. 9, domestic media reported that a housing complex in Shenzhen’s Longhua District was offering prospective buyers a free smaller property in the city’s less-developed Dapeng New District as a gift.

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