Nước Mỹ của Sanders tiến lên CNXH

nếu thực hiện đầy đủ, chương trình của thượng nghị sĩ sanders sẽ khiến gdp thực tế giảm 24%, lương thực tế giảm 50%...

If fully implemented, but otherwise implemented wisely, Senator Sanders’ agenda for the economy would reduce real GDP and consumption (tiêu dùng) by 24 percent. Real wages would fall more than 50 percent after taxes. Employment and hours would fall 16 percent combined. There would be less total healthcare, less childcare, less energy available to households, and less value added in the university sector. Although it is more difficult to forecast, the stock market would likely fall more than 50 percent…

Even if without any productivity loss (mất năng suất) or increased utilization (tăng cường sử dụng) in healthcare, college, and daycare, this means that the Sanders agenda would be expanding the Federal budget by 13.25 percent of baseline consumption. Including 19 percent additional utilization (sử dụng bổ sung) of these “free” goods and services, tax rates on labor income must increase by 23.5 percentage points (it would be more but the Sanders agenda does expand the tax base by eliminating the exclusion for employer-sponsored health insurance (bảo hiểm y tế). GDP falls by 16 percent (this does not yet consider productivity losses — that comes below).

source: caseymulligan,

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