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bắt đầu từ những năm 1950s khi kiện tướng quốc tế đầu tiên Manuel Aaron khởi xướng câu lạc bộ cờ Tal ở Chennai, học các sách dạy chơi cờ của Liên Xô, và thần đồng Anand xuất hiện...

It started in the 50s with the first Indian international Master, Manuel Aaron. He started the Tal chess club in Chennai, brought in Soviet chess books and even a Soviet Grandmaster (đại kiện tướng Liên Xô) for a month with more visiting and Anand, the Indian prodigy was his pupil. Basically all the local players worthy of note went through that chess club.

It blossomed from there , Anand was born and lives in Chennai and has been a great role model (hình mẫu) for chess in India and got many youngsters interested in the game.

So a bit of a network effect (hiệu ứng mạng). Great players very active in coaching and mentoring got the ball rolling and it snowballed from there...

...Is akin to Oak Hill Academy where basketball players from all around the world are recruited to play there? Or is it mostly comprised (bao gồm) of locals? The latter would be far more impressive than it simply being a sorting mechanism as Oak Hill Academy tends to be.

why did it snow ball there? It might just be a freak of nature or there may be a reason why bright young Tamils choose to play chess.

I would say, looking at that map, it does not help to be from the North. There is no surprise in UP not producing a lot of champions. You need a certain minimum of wealth to have a minimum level of middle class (tầng lớp trung lưu) where bright boys are learning chess and not collecting scrap metal.

But it probably helps not to be too economically advanced (kinh tế tiên tiến) either. Boys in Bombay have better things to do with their time. Maybe Calcutta too. Hyderabad is not prominent. Bright young men probably find it a better idea to get jobs in the modern economy - learn English and deal with the world. What is a bright boy in Tamil Nadu going to do? May as well play chess.

...Tamil Nadu is as big as the UK, Utter Pradesh as big as Brazil. There are people all across the social classes. The explanation for this is something else: the most likely one is that just like New Zealand excel in rugby with a population of 4 million, it's because a) someone's there to inspire and embed the skill culturally b) others learn from the process.

Number of these grandmasters were in fact taught by the same coach (huấn luyện viên).

source: marginal revolution,

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