Chỉ có ở Mỹ mới thế chứ

người bị Covid-19 phải nghỉ làm một tuần, thì một năm sau có lẽ vẫn chưa gia nhập lực lượng lao động...

In the Journal of Public Economics, by Gopi Shah Goda and Evan J. Soltas:

We show that Covid-19 illnesses and related work absences (tạm nghỉ việc) persistently reduce labor supply. Using an event study, we estimate that workers with week-long Covid-19 absences are 7 percentage points less likely to be in the labor force one year later compared to otherwise-similar workers who do not miss a week of work for health reasons. Our estimates suggest Covid-19 absences have reduced the U.S. labor force by approximately 500,000 people (0.2 percent of adults) and imply an average labor supply (cung cấp nhân lực) loss per Covid-19 absence equivalent (tương đương) to $9,000 in forgone earnings (thu nhập bị mất), about 90 percent of which reflects losses beyond the initial absence week.

source: sciencedirect,

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