Cellphones nhập máy này ngay đi

công ty ecoATM ở San Diego cho ra đời thiết bị phân tích điện thoại cũ, kèm với nó là nền tảng đấu giá, có người mua đấu giá như này, và nếu người bán (điện thoại) ok là giao dịch thành công luôn...

…ecoATM, a firm based in San Diego…has devised (nghĩ ra) and deployed (triển khai) in several American cities a series of ATM-like devices that will automatically (tự động) analyse (phân tích) your mobile phone, MP3 player or phone charger, and then make you an offer for it. These machines will give you cash in hand or, if you prefer, send the money as a donation (quyên góp) to the charity (từ thiện) of your choice. The hope is that this hassle-free (không rắc rối) approach will appeal to people who can’t be bothered to recycle their old phone when buying a new one.

After taking fingerprints (dấu vân tay) and driving-licence details (chi tiết giấy phép lái xe) (to discourage crooks (kẻ lừa đảo) from using them to fence stolen goods), ecoATM’s kiosks employ a mixture of computer vision (thị giác máy tính) and electronic testing (they will automatically present users with the correct cable and connector) to perform a trick that even the most committed gadget fan might struggle with—telling apart each of the thousands of models of mobile phones, chargers and MP3 players that now exist. They can even make a reasonable guess (đoán hợp lý) about how well-used (or damaged) a device is, which can affect its resale value (giá trị bán lại). Any mistakes the machine does make are logged and used to improve accuracy (sự chính xác) in future.

Once the device on offer has been identified, the kiosk then enters it into an electronic auction. Interested parties bid, and a price is struck in seconds. This auction is the key to ecoATM’s business model, because it means the firm is acting as a broker, rather than carrying a stock of second-hand equipment which it then has to sell. If the owner of the equipment accepts the offer, the kiosk swallows (nuốt) the device and spits out the money.

source: economist,

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