Công an New Delhi đột kích nhà và văn phòng của các nhà báo

vì viết bài cho NewsClick, chỉ trích thủ tướng modi...
The police in New Delhi raided (đột kích) the homes and offices on Tuesday of journalists who worked as staff or contributors (cộng tác viên) for a left-leaning (sympathetic to or tending towards the left in politics) online news portal known for criticisms (lời chỉ trích) of the Indian government. The founder and editor (biên tập viên) of the news site and one of its journalists were also arrested (bị bắt),

Some writers were detained while their property was searched or seized during the early-morning raids.

The police, who fall under the direct command of India’s government, have not issued an official statement about their action.

Mr. Sharma, like the other targeted journalists, had produced reports for a website called NewsClick, a scrappy (tồi tàn, chắp vá) outlet best known for its sharp invective (lời lẽ công kích gay gắt) against Narendra Modi, the country’s right-wing prime minister.

NewsClick was raided by India’s financial enforcement officials in 2021, after which a court blocked the authorities from taking any “coercive (cưỡng chế, áp bức) measures” against the site.

source: nytimes,

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