Cảnh sát điều tra khoảng 100 vụ tự tử liên quan đến công dân Canada

nhiều người tự sát bằng cách nuốt 'muối (độc) dùng trong bảo quản thức ăn' mua trên website của Kenneth Law...
The authorities in Canada and Britain are investigating (điều tra) at least 100 poisoning deaths as suicides (tự tử) tied to the online businesses of a Canadian man accused of selling a toxic salt.

Kenneth Law, 57, of Mississauga, a city west of Toronto, is accused of (bị cáo buộc) operating a group of businesses (doanh nghiệp) that shipped about 1,200 packages of a toxic salt (muối độc) to people in 40 countries, fulfilling orders placed on his website.

The Canadian authorities have charged him with helping 14 people die by suicide, a number that may grow as investigations into Mr. Law’s businesses continue in Canada and Britain.

Britain is investigating the deaths of 88 of the 272 people in the country who purchased sodium nitrite — a salt that is used as a food preservative (chất bảo quản thực phẩm) — from Mr. Law’s website,

The charges against Mr. Law come as Canada is debating (tranh luận) a recent loosening (nới lỏng gần đây) of its federal assisted suicide law (luật hỗ trợ tự tử), which has made the country’s policy one of the most liberal (tự do nhất) in the world. Since 2021, Canada has permitted assisted death for people with chronic painful conditions (chứng bệnh đau đớn mạn tính), even if those conditions are not terminal (giai đoạn cuối).

...In Calgary, in western Canada, the authorities are waiting for final toxicology reports (báo cáo về chất độc) involving the investigations of two deaths that could be connected to Mr. Law,

...Responding to what it called a “concerning trend” of people ingesting (nuốt, uống) the substances to harm themselves, the agency helped to create guidelines, published in November 2021, for hospitals treating the poisoning method,

source: nytimes,

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