Cuộc chiến máy bay không người lái của Ukraine gặp trở ngại: Trung Quốc

DJI cung cấp 90% thiết bị bay không người lái cá nhân (consumer drone) toàn cầu,

china cấm xuất khẩu, có hiệu lực từ ngày 1/9,

trên chiến trường, ukraine mất 10.000 drone mỗi tháng,
More than any conflict (cuộc xung đột) in human history, the fighting in Ukraine is a war of drones. That means a growing reliance on suppliers of the flying vehicles — specifically, China.

That has given China a hidden influence (ảnh hưởng ngầm) in a war that is waged partly with consumer electronics. As Ukrainians have looked at all varieties of drones and reconstituted them to become weapons (vũ khí), they have had to find new ways to keep up their supplies and to continue innovating on the devices. Yet those efforts have faced more hurdles as Chinese suppliers have dialed back their sales, as new Chinese rules to restrict the export of drone components (linh kiện, thành phần) took effect on Sept. 1.

For the better part of a decade, Chinese companies such as DJI, EHang and Autel have churned out (sản xuất hàng loạt) drones at an ever-increasing scale. They now produce millions of the aerial gadgets a year for amateur photographers (nhiếp ảnh gia nghiệp dư), outdoor enthusiasts and professional videographers, far outpacing other countries. DJI, China’s biggest drone maker, has a more than 90 percent share of the global consumer drone market, according to DroneAnalyst, a research group.

...Ukraine loses an estimated 10,000 drones a month, according to the Royal United Services Institute, a British security think tank. Many fear that China’s new rules restricting the sale of drone components could worsen Ukrainian supply chain (chuỗi cung ứng) woes (tai ương, phiền muộn) heading into the winter.

These hurdles widen an advantage for Russia. Direct drone shipments by Chinese companies to Ukraine totaled just over $200,000 this year through June, according to trade data. In that same period, Russia received at least $14.5 million in direct drone shipments from Chinese trading companies.

source: nytimes,

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