Ôtô Đức chùn bước, xe đạp điện tiến bước

đức là thị trường xe đạp lớn nhất châu âu,

năm 2022, doanh số xe đạp ở đức đạt kỷ lục 7,8 tỷ usd, 1/2 trong số đó là xe đạp điện,

Porsche và Audi cũng đã sản xuất xe đạp điện, và Bosh sản xuất pin, motor và phanh cho xe đạp điện rồi :)

công ty của ngôi sao bóng rổ nba LeBron James đầu tư vào Canyon - công ty sản xuất xe điện tại Koblenz, đức
Sales of bicycles in Germany reached a record 7.36 billion euros, or $7.8 billion, in 2022, with e-bikes accounting for nearly half of sales, according to the German Bicycle Industry Association. The group is forecasting that this year, for the first time, Germans will buy more e-bikes than conventional models (mẫu xe thông thường).

Electric bicycles and scooters are the backbone (xương sống, cột trụ) of what’s known as micromobility, seen as crucial (thiết yếu) to cutting the carbon emissions (phát thải carbon) of transportation and helping to ease pollution and congestion (tắc nghẽn) in European cities. Analysts at EY cite e-bikes as the factor behind predicted annual growth of 4.6 percent in Europe’s bicycle market in the coming five years, as more people adjust their lifestyles to cut emissions. At the same time, the number of privately owned cars (ôtô riêng) could drop by as much as 25 percent, as consumers shift to car sharing (chia sẻ ô tô) and alternative (thay thế) mobility models.

Germany’s auto industry has noticed. Porsche offers a sporty, all-terrain e-bike — with the carmaker’s familiar gold-and-red crest under the handlebars. Audi has a similar model.

...Last year LRMR Ventures, the investment firm of the National Basketball Association star LeBron James, led a group investing €30 million in Canyon, a German bicycle producer based in Koblenz, with an eye to expanding its e-bike offerings and presence in the United States.

Germany’s largest automobile show, in Munich, was rebranded as a “mobility” fair in 2021.

Still, the average e-bike in Germany sold for €2,800, or nearly $3,000, last year, a high price point that has made leasing (cho thuê) popular (phổ biến).

Bosch, long a leading supplier of powertrains and other technology for German automakers, is now a major supplier of the batteries, motors and brakes for e-bikes.

source: nytimes,

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