Vì một lời thoại, nam diễn viên Tân Hồng Lôi (Trung Quốc) kiện hai công ty game

ai cũng là xã hội đen cho đến khi gặp xã hội đen thật.


On Monday, the dispute (xung đột) between famous Chinese actor Sun Honglei, 53, and two gaming companies was heard at the Chengdu Internet Court. The actor accuses (cáo buộc) the two companies based in Beijing and Chengdu of using his voice taken from a television series he starred in in their video game without authorization (cho phép). He is demanding (yêu cầu)  500,000 yuan ($68,457) in compensation (bồi thường).

The PC game, “Watermelon War,” available on Steam, sees players sell watermelons and try to protect their watermelon stands from gangsters. Launched in 2021, the game is “based on a popular Chinese video,” according to the game description (mô tả).

The game’s storyline closely resembles (giống) a scene from the 2003 hit gangster TV show “Vanquish,” in which the villain Liu Huaqiang, played by Sun, kills a watermelon stall owner. The game includes audio of the exchange between Liu and the stall owner in the TV show, which have become classic lines often shared by netizens in recent years in the form of memes.

According to a local Sichuan outlet, the case has been rescheduled to an undisclosed (không tiết lộ) date.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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