Hơn 1.100 người chết sau vụ tấn công của Hamas và sự trả đũa của Israel

Israeli troops (quân đội) were still fighting to expel (trục xuất, đuổi, đánh bật ra) Palestinian militants (người chiến đấu, chiến sĩ) from Israeli territory (lãnh thổ) yesterday, a day after a surge (nổi, dâng, tràn) of armed militants crossed the Gaza border as part of the broadest invasion (xâm nhập) of Israel in 50 years. Israel responded to the land, sea and air assault launched by Palestinian militants on Saturday with heavy strikes on Gazan cities.

The Israeli military reported fighting in seven border communities and an army base, and tanks were seen crossing farmland in parts of southern Israel, heading south toward Gaza. Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza, continued to fire rockets into Israel.

The estimated death toll hovered yesterday was more than 1,100. An Israeli defense official said that an early assessment (đánh giá ban đầu) showed that about 600 Israelis were killed on Saturday. The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said that at least 413 Palestinians had been killed since the start of the assault, including 78 children.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned of a “long and difficult war” ahead, saying that Israeli forces were moving into an “offensive phase, which will continue with neither limitations nor respite until the objectives are achieved.” The Biden administration condemned (lên án, kết tội) Hamas and promised military assistance to Israel.

Hamas has taken Israeli soldiers and civilians into captivity (bắt giam), which could complicate (làm phức tạp) any retaliatory operations (chiến dịch trả đũa). Netanyahu warned Palestinians on Saturday to clear out of any place in the Gaza Strip where fighters might be hiding or operating, promising to turn those sites “into rubble.” (biến thành gạch đá)

But residents said there was nowhere to run or hide. Militants live and operate among civilians in Gaza, which has a population of two million.

Region’s response: Two of Israel’s neighbors, Egypt and Jordan, joined calls to de-escalate (giảm leo thang) the conflict. But in Lebanon, Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group that fought a war with Israel in 2006, said yesterday that it had fired artillery shells and guided missiles at three Israeli posts in the Shebaa Farms area, land it considers to be occupied Lebanese territory.

Israel’s next moves: Netanyahu issued a call-up of reservists (lính dự bị), and the Israeli military said it was evacuating residents of 24 villages in the area of the border, which could indicate that Israel is preparing for a broader operation inside Gaza.

source: nytimes,


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