"Keep me informed" nghĩa là gì?

photo credit: midway (netflix movie)

'Keep me informed' -> nghĩa là có gì mới thì cho tôi biết nhé, nhớ cập nhật (tin tức, tình hình...) cho tôi nhé...

Ví dụ
Virginia Natural Gas keeping customers informed about appointments (lịch hẹn).

Your duty to keep me informed: Kerala Governor (thống đốc) responds to CM Pinarayi Vijayan letter.

Drug firm Novartis to cut 400 jobs in Dublin... "I have also asked my officials and IDA Ireland to keep me informed of developments (diễn biến), especially regarding precisely how many roles (vai trò) are at risk before the end of 2024 and what the redundancy (dư, thừa) package will be," he said.

Terror (khủng bố) victim's widow (quả phụ) slams PM Netanyahu for false claims... "No military official has spoken to me about the matter," she added. "It's defies (thách thức) logic that the terrorists are still alive while Meir is not. Where is the IDF deterrence and the government that should protect its citizens?" she said. "It's something that citizens expect, and I'm waiting for justice (công lý). Time goes by, and they don't update me, and the lack of news is worrying because even if everything is being done, it's important to keep me informed."

Phạm Hạnh

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