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ông lão gần 70 tuổi khỏa thân tới nhà hàng xóm, trả lời công an là: bị cá sấu đuổi...
A man is facing multiple charges (đối mặt với nhiều cáo buộc) after police say he broke into a random Phoenix home while naked (khỏa thân) over the weekend, a house occupied by (đầy) several children. The suspect, 68-year-old Eugene Howard Shelton, reportedly told investigators he did it because an alligator (cá sấu) was chasing him.
Around 2 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a reported burglary (trộm) at a home on Windsor Avenue, near 43rd Avenue and Thomas Road. An officer arrived at the address to find a naked man, later identified as Shelton, lying naked on the driveway with the homeowner standing next to him.

The homeowner told police that it started when he received a phone call from his children, who said a man had broken into their house. The five children, aged 9 to 17, told police they tried to keep Shelton from coming in, including one who hit the suspect’s hand with an iron (dùng thanh sắt đánh vào tay nghi phạm), but that he kept pushing on the door until he overpowered them. The father was nearby when his kids called and came home to find the suspect sitting on the couch in the living room, wearing only socks.

After his arrest, police recovered Shelton’s boxers and a fanny pack by the home’s front door. Inside the fanny pack, officers found two blue pills marked M30. Per court documents, Shelton told police that he smoked methamphetamine before thinking an alligator was trying to get him. During the interview with investigators, Shelton reportedly kept asking if dogs were after him and that he took his clothes off because he kept getting bit.

source: azfamily,

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