Trào lưu làm nhạc cụ kỳ lạ mới nổi ở Trung Quốc

thử thách mới nhất trên mạng xã hội Trung Quốc là các nhà sáng tạo nội dung phải chế tạo nhạc cụ từ mọi thứ, từ cà rốt đến tua vít.


“Wild Geese Descending Onto the Sand” is one of the most famous pieces of music (bản nhạc) ever composed (soạn nhạc) for the guqin, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument (bộ dây). Meant to evoke (gợi lại) the sound of geese (ngỗng) flying by the waterside in autumn, the tune dates to the Ming dynasty (triều Minh) (1368-1644) and has been a favorite of guqin musicians for centuries.

But what if you didn’t need a guqin to replicate (tái tạo) the melody (giai điệu) of “Wild Geese”? Or even an instrument? That’s what Zhan Yangyang, a 30-year-old creator from the central Chinese city of Wuhan who goes by the handle “Vacuum Ginger,” set out to learn. Tying a piece of nylon fishing line to a screwdriver, Zhan slowly mastered the different tones needed for the piece before posting a video of the results to his channel over the summer.

...The trend seems to have life in it yet, however. After Zhan posted his recreation of “Wild Geese Descending Onto the Sand” in August, fans offered him tips on how to upgrade his new instrument, including adding a wooden board and some plastic bottles to prolong (kéo dài) the length of each note.

source: Sixth Tone,

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