Đằng sau nghề đầu bếp riêng cho giới siêu giàu tại Trung Quốc

ban đầu là kiếm kế sinh nhai nhằm giảm áp lực cuộc sống, dần dần những người trẻ Trung Quốc làm đầu bếp riêng vì nhiều lí do khác nhau. 


Fried chicken coated with (áo, phủ) ground Sichuan peppercorn  (hạt tiêu); chili peppers sautéed (áp chảo) with hot oil in the wok; then finally everything tossed (đảo) together and topped up (thêm vào) with chili peppers and cilantro (rau mùi). Wang Xueli carefully transferred the food onto a plate and sprinkled (rắc lên) some sesame (hạt vừng) on top — the famous Sichuan spicy popcorn chicken (gà viên cay) dish was ready.

Wang, 22, who lives in Suzhou in eastern Jiangsu province, was making her hometown classic — not to cure her homesickness (nỗi nhớ nhà), but for her customers, whose kitchen she was using. She is not a professional chef.

In China’s affluent (giàu có) cities, amateur (nghiệp dư) private chefs who cook up a storm (nấu nhiều món với niềm hăng say) in their customers’ own kitchen have become increasingly popular. On lifestyle platform Xiaohongshu, posts about such services have received nearly 35 million views.

The trend is an example of the “lazy economy,” driven by young Chinese’s pursuit (theo đuổi) of convenience in the form of on-demand home services from private chefs to masseurs. State media have reported that searches for private chef services rose by 533% during October to December last year, the most recent data available, compared to the previous two months, citing data from food delivery platform Meituan.

...There are also safety concerns, with reports that some customers have acted strangely towards female private chefs. For this reason, Wang usually picks customers who are either couples or families rather than men who live alone. “Before I go to a man’s house to cook, I will tell my friend where I’m going and roughly when I will be done. If they haven't heard from me by then, they’ll call the police,” she said.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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