Ngày càng nhiều người Trung Quốc vượt biên qua ngả Mexico vào Mỹ

hơn 24.000 công dân Trung Quốc đã bị bắt khi vượt biên giới từ Mexico vào Mỹ trong năm 2023. Con số này nhiều hơn 10 năm trước đó cộng lại...
... They typically (thường) fly into Ecuador, where they do not need a visa. Then, like hundreds of thousands of other migrants (người di cư) from Central and South America and more distant locations (địa điểm xa), they pay smugglers (kẻ buôn lậu) to guide their travel through the dangerous jungle (khu rừng rậm nguy hiểm) between Colombia and Panama en route to the United States. Once there, they turn themselves in to border officials and many seek asylum (tị nạn).

And most succeed, in turn fueling further attempts. Chinese citizens are more successful than people from other countries with their asylum claims in immigration court. And those who are not end up staying anyway because China usually will not take them back.

In the polarizing debate (cuộc tranh luận phân cực) over immigration, it is a little-discussed wrinkle (lời gợi ý hoặc đề xuất có ích; lời khuyên; lời mách nước) in the U.S. system: American officials cannot force countries to take back their own citizens. For the most part, this is not an issue. But about a dozen countries are not terribly cooperative, and China is the worst offender.

... Many fly to Turkey before heading to Ecuador and making their way to the United States.

... Over the previous 10 years, fewer than 15,000 Chinese migrants were caught crossing the southern border illegally.

... few of the Chinese migrants are staying in the shelters (nơi tạm trú). Instead, they are going where Chinese citizens have gone for generations: Flushing, Queens. Or to some, the Chinese Manhattan.

“New York is a self-sufficient Chinese immigrants community,” said the Rev. Mike Chan, the executive director of the Chinese Christian Herald Crusade, a faith-based group in the neighborhood. Newcomers do not have to speak English because so many speak Mandarin or Cantonese, he added, making it easier to find a job as well. That kind of network helps people find immigration lawyers, housing and other basic needs.

source: nytimes,

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