CEO Satya Nadella của Microsoft giữ được 'Best Bromance in Tech' như thế nào?

ông Nadella nhanh chóng tuyển dụng Sam Altman và khẳng định vai trò của tập đoàn Microsoft đối với công ty khởi nghiệp này...
Just two weeks ago, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella stood onstage (sân khấu) next to OpenAI’s Sam Altman at the start-up’s conference (hội nghị) in a former concert hall (phòng hòa nhạc) in San Francisco. Both wore black jeans, Mr. Altman in an army-green shirt and Mr. Nadella in navy casual.

“We love you guys!” Mr. Nadella said as he turned to Mr. Altman.

“Awwww,” Mr. Altman responded.

Mr. Altman has called OpenAI’s relationship (mối quan hệ) with Microsoft “the best bromance (tình anh em, tình trai) in tech.” Since 2019, the companies have worked together to build advanced artificial intelligence systems that they believe could be the most important tech innovations in a generation (cải tiến công nghệ quan trọng nhất trong một thế hệ), and Microsoft has invested $13 billion in OpenAI. Together, they planned to take on (đối đầu) Google’s hammerlock (miếng khoá chặt tay đối phương bẻ quặt về đằng sau, búa khóa) on the internet.

Over the last three days, Mr. Nadella has made it clear that he isn’t about to walk away from the partnership (mối quan hệ đối tác) — but OpenAI’s future may be in doubt. And what could have been an embarrassing moment for Mr. Nadella and his company has turned into a display of corporate muscle flexing that has stunned (choáng váng) industry insiders (người trong ngành).

On Sunday night, hours after OpenAI’s board of directors said it stood by the decision to push out Mr. Altman, Microsoft swooped in (lao vào) to hire Mr. Altman and Greg Brockman, who quit as OpenAI’s president (chủ tịch) after the board’s decision. Mr. Nadella said the two would run a new A.I. research lab (phòng nghiên cứu) for Microsoft, and most of OpenAI’s more than 700 employees have said they will walk out and offer their services to Microsoft if Mr. Altman isn’t reinstated (phục hồi).

Mr. Nadella’s aggressive move (động thái quyết liệt) against OpenAI was a stunning capstone (bước đột phá đáng kinh ngạc) to a wild weekend. It exposed (phơi bày) a fault line (ranh giới) between tech industry leaders focused on turning A.I. into a giant business (ngành khổng lồ) and an increasingly influential part of the tech community that believes A.I. could be dangerous.

source: nytimes,

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