Argentina có phải là nước có cuộc bầu cử dùng A.I. đầu tiên không?

hai ứng cử viên tổng thống của đất nước này đang sử dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo để tạo ra hình ảnh và video nhằm quảng bá bản thân và công kích lẫn nhau...
The posters dotting the streets (rải rác trên đường phố) of Buenos Aires had a certain Soviet flair (tinh tế) to them.

There was one of Argentina’s presidential candidates, Sergio Massa, dressed in a shirt with what appeared to be military medals, pointing to a blue sky. He was surrounded by hundreds of older people — in drab clothing, with serious, and often disfigured (biến dạng), faces — looked toward him in hope.

The style was no mistake. The illustrator had been given clear instructions.

“Sovietic Political propaganda (tuyên truyền) poster illustration by Gustav Klutsis featuring a leader, masssa, standing firmly,” said a prompt that Mr. Massa’s campaign fed into an artificial-intelligence program to produce the image. “Symbols of unity (biểu tượng của sự đoàn kết) and power (sức mạnh) fill the environment,” the prompt continued. “The image exudes (toát lên) authority (quyền uy) and determination (quyết tâm).”

Javier Milei, the other candidate in Sunday’s runoff election, has struck back by sharing what appear to be A.I. images depicting Mr. Massa as a Chinese communist leader and himself as a cuddly cartoon lion. They have been viewed more than 30 million times.

Argentina’s election has quickly become a testing ground for A.I. in campaigns, with the two candidates and their supporters employing the technology to doctor (chỉnh sửa) existing images and videos and create others from scratch (từ đầu, từ con số 0).

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