Jeff Zucker sắp đạt được thỏa thuận lớn để tái gia nhập mảng tin tức

giám đốc truyền hình kỳ cựu này sẵn sàng nắm quyền kiểm soát hai hãng tin nổi tiếng của Anh là The Daily Telegraph và The Spectator, đồng thời có thể mở rộng chúng sang Mỹ...
Jeff Zucker: Tory media titan (người khổng lồ)?

The former president (cựu chủ tịch) of CNN is poised to (sẵn sàng) become an improbable (không chắc, không chắc có thực, không chắc sẽ xảy ra; đâu đâu) mogul (ông trùm) of British conservative (bảo thủ) media as he nears an agreement to gain control of The Daily Telegraph, the right-leaning London newspaper.

The Telegraph is a preferred read (tờ báo ưa thích) for the British gentry (những người có địa vị xã hội cao ngay bên dưới tầng lớp quý tộc) and a one-time employer of Boris Johnson, the former prime minister whose anti-Europe columns for the paper laid groundwork (nền móng) for Brexit. Its sister publication, The Spectator, a conservative magazine considered one of Britain’s more prestigious (uy tín) media properties, would also come under Mr. Zucker’s oversight, according to the terms of a prospective deal (thỏa thuận tiềm năng) disclosed (tiết lộ) this week.

The deal is not final. But the prospect of Mr. Zucker, a longtime Manhattanite who has never overseen a foreign-based media outlet, taking charge of a famed British news brand would be the latest twist in a career of reinvention (tái tạo) — and an intriguing follow-up to his divisive tenure (nhiệm kỳ gây chia rẽ) at CNN.

Mr. Zucker, 58, was criticized (chỉ trích) by liberals (tự do) who blamed him for airing former President Donald J. Trump’s unfiltered rallies (đại hội không được chọn lọc), and later attacked by conservatives for what they deemed an anti-Trump bias in the network’s coverage. CNN forced out Mr. Zucker last year after he failed to disclose (tiết lộ) a relationship with a colleague (mối quan hệ lãng mạn với nhân viên), after which ratings and staff morale (tinh thần nhân viên) plummeted (giảm mạnh).

The Telegraph went up for auction (đấu giá) this year after its owners, the Barclay family, defaulted (trễ hẹn thanh toán, vi ước) on a loan. Sometimes called The Torygraph for its influence on British conservative politics, the paper attracted powerful suitors (người theo đuổi) like Rupert Murdoch and Lord Rothermere, owner of London’s Daily Mail.

The auction was paused on Tuesday after Mr. Zucker’s proposal, which relies on roughly 1.1 billion pounds, or about $1.4 billion, from RedBird IMI, the media venture company he founded last year, and a major Abu Dhabi-based investment fund. After a series of financial maneuvers (thủ thuật), RedBird would assume ownership and management of The Telegraph and The Spectator. Redbird IMI said its Emirati partner would be a passive investor (nhà đầu tư thụ động).

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