Các thành phố của Canada cân nhắc lại quy hoạch xây dựng

nhằm được rót ngân sách liên bang, các thành phố lớn của Canada đang mở rộng quy hoạch phát triển để bao gồm các khu nhà bốn tầng...
Fourplexes, multiunit dwellings (nhà ở) that are relatively rare (hiếm) in Canada — a country where detached homes (ngôi nhà biệt lập) dominate (thống trị) residential (dân cư) streets — appear set to become more prominent (nổi bật) in major cities. The lure of federal cash (ngân sách liên bang) to build housing is causing many municipalities (đô thị) to bend staunch (chặt chẽ) zoning rules that once prohibited fourplexes.

... Mr. Fraser has been touring Canada to announce agreements with cities made under the Housing Accelerator Fund, a $4 billion program that should, according to the government, “unlock new housing supply through innovative approaches.”

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the government-owned (thuộc sở hữu của chính phủ) mortgage insurer (công ty bảo hiểm thế chấp), has even provided something of a cheat sheet for cities to increase the odds of success for their applications to the fund. In addition to sweeping aside rules that banned higher-density housing like fourplexes, its strategies include loosening parking requirements (yêu cầu về bãi đậu xe) and easing development charges for builders of affordable housing.

... Some city councils are still treading cautiously on rezoning, commonly unpopular with homeowners who subscribe to the NIMBY — the acronym for “not in my backyard” (không ở sân sau của tôi) — philosophy of fighting against development and density in their neighborhoods.

source: nytimes,

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