Nhiều tập đoàn ngừng quảng cáo trên X vì phản ứng dữ dội ngày càng tăng đối với Musk

Warner Bros. Discovery và Sony cùng các tập đoàn khác tạm dừng chi tiêu cho X, trước đây là Twitter, vì sự tán thành của Elon Musk đối với một bài đăng bài-Do-Thái...
More major advertisers have paused their spending on X, the social media service formerly known as Twitter, as the backlash (phản ứng dữ dội) continued over Elon Musk’s endorsement (sự chứng thực) of an antisemitic conspiracy theory (thuyết âm mưu) on X.

The entertainment company Warner Bros. Discovery and Sony have joined other prominent (nổi bật) brands in halting their spending (tạm dừng chi tiêu) on X. IBM cut off its advertising on X on Thursday, while Apple, Lionsgate, the entertainment and film distribution company, and Paramount Global, the media giant that owns CBS, all paused their ads on Friday.

The spending freeze comes as X has fought to win back advertisers who were wary of spending on the platform after Mr. Musk took it over a year ago and said he would loosen content moderation rules (nới lỏng các quy tắc kiểm duyệt nội dung). Major brands tend to be cautious (thận trọng) about placing their ads next to posts with offensive (xúc phạm) or hateful speech (phát ngôn thù hận).

Mr. Musk, who bought Twitter in October 2022 and renamed it X, drew scrutiny (chú ý) this week after replying to a post on X that accused (cáo buộc) Jewish people who are facing antisemitism amid the Israel-Hamas war of pushing the “exact kind of dialectical hatred (sự căm ghét biện chứng) against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them” and supporting the immigration of “hordes (lũ, đám) of minorities.”

“You have said the actual truth,” Mr. Musk replied. Jewish groups said that Mr. Musk’s message boosted a conspiracy theory known as replacement theory (thuyết thay thế), which claims that Jews have organized nonwhite immigrants to replace the white race. The concept was embraced by Robert Bowers, who killed 11 worshipers at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018.

Mr. Musk’s statement drew condemnation (sự lên án) from the White House on Friday. Andrew Bates, a White House spokesman, said in a statement that it was “unacceptable (không thể chấp nhận được) to repeat the hideous lie (lời nói dối ghê tởm) behind the most fatal act (hành động chết người) of antisemitism in American history at any time, let alone one month after the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust.”

source: nytimes,

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