Gấu trúc, bóng bàn và lợi nhuận: ông Tập ve vãn CEO các tập đoàn Mỹ

trong bối cảnh quan hệ Mỹ-Trung băng giá, Tập Cận Bình nhấn mạnh tình hữu nghị trong bài phát biểu gửi tới ceo của Apple, Boeing, Nike và các hãng khác...
inside the ballroom (phòng khiêu vũ) of the Hyatt Regency, the atmosphere was warm and friendly. More than 300 executives and officials listened attentively as Mr. Xi — the leader of a country often considered the United States’ greatest rival (đối thủ) — spoke for over half an hour about an enduring (bền vững) friendship between China and the United States that could not be diminished (giảm bớt) by recent turmoil (hỗn loạn).

Mr. Xi spoke of pandas. He spoke of Ping-Pong. He spoke of Americans and Chinese working together during World War II to battle the Japanese. He addressed the tensions that have rocked U.S.-Chinese relations in the past year only briefly and obliquely (gián tiếp), comparing the relationship to a giant ship that was trying to navigate through storms.

... “The No. 1 question for us is: Are we adversaries (đối thủ) or partners?” Mr. Xi asked. Seeing the other side as a competitor, he said, would only lead to misinformed policy and unwanted results. “China is ready to be a partner and friend of the United States.”

Among those who paid thousands of dollars to attend the dinner and hear Mr. Xi’s message were Tim Cook, the chief executive of Apple; Larry Fink of BlackRock; and Jerry Brown, the former governor of California. They mingled with executives from Boeing, Pfizer, Nike and FedEx. Elon Musk popped by during the cocktail hour to greet Mr. Xi, but departed before dinner began.

Republican lawmakers have blasted President Biden for his “zombie engagement” (sự can dự vật vờ) with China. Recent polls have shown that Americans are more concerned (lo ngại) about the rise of China than at any point since the end of the Cold War.

source: nytimes,

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