Những bữa tối "nhỏ lại" của người già Nhật Bản

pizza cho một người, why not...

người già dần chẳng buồn ăn, còn các hộ gia đình độc thân đang thay đổi giờ ăn. 


“Eating alone”

In February, Domino’s Japan, the nation’s largest pizza delivery chain (chuỗi giao hàng), introduced My Domino’s, a meal set that allows customers to order a small, 7-inch pizza with two side dishes for a reasonable price (giá phải chăng).

Bowling alone was just the beginning:

Even pizza, typically shared among family or friends, is downsizing (nhỏ lại).

Single consumers (khách hàng độc thân) are growing, not only in Japan but in the world, and the question is how we can reach these people, how we can offer something special for these customers,” says Martin Steenks, CEO of Domino’s Japan. “The bento is always for one person, so why not create a pizza for one person? This was actually the biggest reason for us behind this whole set up.”

The concept proved a hit and according to Domino’s Japan, more than 2 million orders had been placed as of July 15. In addition, the company offers pizza rice bowls and pizza sandwiches — also targeting (nhắm đến) single consumers — and is trying to reach out to older customers who are typically less tech savvy (ít hiểu biết về công nghệ) compared to their younger counterparts.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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