Cựu sáng lập công ty khởi nghiệp bị buộc tội lừa đảo JPMorgan Chase

Charlie Javice, nhà sáng lập 31 tuổi của Frank -- công ty lập kế hoạch tài chính cho việc theo học đại học, bị JPMorgan Chase kiện vì làm giả dữ liệu khách hàng...

Charlie Javice, the 31-year-old start-up founder (nhà sáng lập) who JPMorgan Chase accused (bị buộc tội) in a December lawsuit (kiện cáo) of lying to the bank as it prepared to acquire her company, is now facing criminal charges (cáo buộc hình sự) as well.

On Tuesday, the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York charged her with wire, bank and securities fraud (gian lận chứng khoán). It said that she “falsely and dramatically” (giả tạo và đầy kịch tính) exaggerated (thổi phồng) the number of customers that Frank, her now shuttered (đóng) college financial planning company, actually had in a scheme to “fraudulently (lừa đảo) induce (xúi giục) J.P. Morgan Chase to acquire (mua)” her start-up for $175 million.

JPMorgan had made similar accusations after acquiring Frank, which claimed to help millions of students and families more easily file for financial aid.

Ms. Javice, a Miami Beach resident, was arrested on Monday evening at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

...Ms. Javice inflated data (thổi phồng dữ liệu) to make it appear that the company had over four million customers when it had only a small fraction (phần) of that.

In JPMorgan’s suit, the bank said that it became suspicious (nghi ngờ) when a marketing test using Frank’s data failed drastically (thất bại nặng nề). The company also sued Olivier Amar, who was Frank’s chief growth and acquisition officer before the bank fired him.

source: nytimes, 

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