Chatbot tóc đỏ trở thành gia sư tiếng Anh tại Trung Quốc như thế nào?

ứng dụng video Call Annie dựa trên ChatGPT bất ngờ thu hút lượng lớn người dùng tại Trung Quốc, khi nhiều bậc phụ huynh chia sẻ mẹo biến chatbot thành gia sư ngôn ngữ tạm thời.


China banned private academic (học thuật) tutoring (gia sư) — including English tutoring — in 2021, aiming to reduce the intense (nặng nề) pressure on students. But many parents worry that their children will be unable to achieve fluency (độ trôi chảy) in English without extra tuition. (Research suggests that English proficiency levels (mức độ thành thạo) are trending downwards in China.)

Now, many are turning to generative AI products (sản phẩm AI tạo sinh) like Open AI’s ChatGPT. On Chinese social media, posts sharing tips on how to train AI chatbots to act as language tutors have frequently gone viral in recent months.

Call Annie, an app created by the Silicon Valley developer Animato Inc., has emerged (nổi lên) as a particular favorite among Chinese users. The software effectively (hiệu quả) allows users to talk to ChatGPT via a FaceTime call, with its red-haired avatar able to listen to and answer questions in real time. It can be used free of charge, but there is also a premium version featuring extras such as tailored (thích hợp) language lessons.

...It’s unclear exactly how many Chinese users Call Annie has, but the hashtag #CallAnnie has received more than 1.3 million views on Xiaohongshu, China’s closest equivalent to (tương đương) Instagram. Videos offering tips on how to use Call Annie to pass the IELTS — a high-profile English language proficiency test — have received thousands of likes on the platform (nền tảng).

source: Sixth Tone, 

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