Hiệu sách dành cho nữ giới ở Thượng Hải

khi Wang Xia mở hiệu sách “thân thiện với phụ nữ” đầu tiên ở Thượng Hải vào năm 2020, cô chỉ muốn tạo không gian an toàn để phụ nữ thể hiện bản thân. Cô không lường được công việc kinh doanh sẽ thành công hay nhạy cảm đến mức nào. 


Wang Xia still denies (phủ nhận) that she runs Shanghai’s only feminist (nữ quyền) bookstore. When she started the business in 2020, she claims that she didn’t even know what the term (thuật ngữ) meant.

...When the 46-year-old quit her job in finance and founded her bookstore three years ago, she just wanted to create a space where women like herself could feel free to express themselves. And the business has done exactly that, fostering (thúc đẩy) a community of tens of thousands of women from across Shanghai.

It’s easy to see why Wang’s business has prospered (phát triển). A three-story space just across the road from the trendy Tianzifang neighborhood, Xinchao Bookstore styles itself as the city’s first and only independent (tự lập) women’s bookstore.

The interior resembles (giống) a set from the “Barbie” movie. Between bright pink walls, rows of bookshelves are stuffed (nhồi) with titles by female authors ranging from Jane Austen and the Brontë sisters to the Japanese feminist Chizuko Ueno.

The first floor is the main shopping area, divided into sections with titles such as “her art” and “her literature.” Upstairs, there is a suite (dãy phòng) of cozy reading rooms and a loft (gác xép), which Wang uses to host book talks and other events.

Despite opening at the height of the pandemic (đại dịch), Xinchao has not only thrived (phát triển); it has quickly become a local cultural hub. It runs monthly book clubs focusing on female works, women’s writing groups, and seminars (hội thảo) on a range of women’s issues.

source: Sixth Tone, 

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