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hai gã đàn ông bị kết tội trộm cắp tại Kohl's ở Colorado cố nài nỉ mức phạt nhẹ hơn vì họ ăn trộm đồ đang giảm giá, và họ có coupons...

Two men convicted of retail (cửa hàng bán lẻ) theft at a Kohl's in Colorado tried to get a lesser (giảm nhẹ) punishment because they stole stuff that was on sale.

The men's attorneys made an argument for reduced charges after admitting stealing from the store in Parker, Colorado.

The case was described (diễn tả) in a Tuesday news from the district attorney for Colorado's 18th Judicial District.

Michael Green, 50, and Byron Bolden, 37, were nicknamed the "KitchenAid Mixer Crew" by the DA in reference to the kitchen appliances (dụng cụ) they stole.

They also took designer shoes and clothing.

They were both ultimately convicted of felony (trọng tội) theft. However, the DA's office said the men's attorneys argued for softer misdemeanor (giảm nhẹ) charges, citing discounts on the items.

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