Sinh viên trở thành ngôi sao trên mạng xã hội

các “blogger nghiên cứu” người china như Liu Jianing thu hút lượng lớn người theo dõi trực tuyến nhờ những câu chuyện về sự xuất sắc trong học tập và những bài học về cách giải quyết áp lực ở trường đại học...
Liu Jianing never meant to become an online celebrity (người nổi tiếng trên mạng). Like pretty much everything else in her life, it was initially (ban đầu) just a study project.

Since enrolling at Shanghai’s Fudan University about five years ago, Liu has posted regularly on social media (mạng xã hội) about her academic adventures (cuộc phiêu lưu học tập) and how she monitors her progress (theo dõi sự tiến bộ) and motivates (thúc đẩy động lực) herself to keep going, making her a must-follow for tens of thousands of people nationwide (toàn quốc), particularly students.

Though sometimes discussing topics in great detail, such as her experiences with writing essays (bài luận), end-of-term grades (điểm cuối kỳ), and rankings (xếp hạng), Liu’s posts tend to be short and sweet. “March 6: Woke up at 7:30 a.m. — created a to-do list,” reads one typical example. Several days later, she added, “March 10: Studied for nine hours and 18 minutes — but need to keep improving.”

At the beginning of 2023, much to the delight of her fans, she posted images of the acceptance letters  she had received from postgraduate study programs (các chương trình học sau đại học) at four prestigious universities (các trường đại học danh tiếng).

Liu began tracking her studies in high school. At the time, she was struggling to cope with the pressures (sự căng thẳng) of schoolwork, so decided to post daily on Baidu Tieba, an online forum, as a way to record her journey from grades two to three.

... After achieving a high score in the gaokao, China’s national college entrance exam (kỳ thi tuyển sinh), and being accepted into Fudan’s School of Journalism, she was so proud that she posted her result on Baidu Tieba.

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