Bị phân biệt đối xử, shipper giao đồ ăn kiện luôn khách hàng

nhân viên giao hàng Liang Ningning đã đệ đơn kiện sau khi một khu dân cư ở Bắc Kinh yêu cầu anh sử dụng “lối cửa sau”, nêu bật sự phân biệt đối xử diễn ra hàng ngày mà những người giao đồ ăn và bưu kiện phải đối mặt.


A food courier (nhân viên giao đồ ăn) in brightly colored uniform parks up in front of an office building and runs inside. It’s a scene repeated in towns and cities across China myriad times a day — only on July 14, in Beijing, Liang Ningning wasn’t rushing (vội vàng) to deliver someone’s lunch; he was looking for a lawyer.

Three months earlier, Liang had filed a lawsuit (khởi kiện) against the property management company (công ty quản lý tài sản) of a large residential community in the capital’s Chaoyang District, claiming that its refusal (từ chối) to allow delivery drivers (tài xế giao hàng) to enter through its main gate was discrimination (phân biệt đối xử) and a violation (xâm phạm) of his rights. In his spare time, he’d been seeking legal assistance (sự hỗ trợ pháp lý) to help win his case.

During his search, to ensure he found the right law firm (công ty luật), he’d visit each one wearing his work uniform, which is in the bright-yellow colors of Meituan, a major food delivery app. If he was turned away at the door by security, which often happens to couriers, he knew instantly they wouldn’t understand his cause.

That day in July, Beijing Aishen Law Firm agreed to represent him, and about a week later Liang was preparing for his first hearing (phiên tòa) at the district’s Olympic Village People’s Court. He of course insisted on (khăng khăng) wearing his Meituan overalls to court to prove that, contrary to popular opinion, clothes do not make the man.

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