Thiết bị hỗ trợ giấc ngủ Mimipokka bỏ qua giai điệu để tập trung thư giãn và giảm stress

công ty Thanko phát minh ra loại "tai nghe" mới, thay vì phát nhạc thì phát nhiệt.
Whenever Japanese gadget maker (công ty sản xuất đồ gia dụng nhỏ gọn, sáng tạo) Thanko comes up with a new idea, you can expect it to be baffling (bối rối, khó hiểu), brilliant (tuyệt vời), or maybe a little of both. The company describes its goal as to create useful, interesting solutions to everyday problems, like clip-on fans to keep your armpits (nách) from sweating (đổ mồ hôi) or a personal kitchen appliance that just makes pies.

So here comes Thanko’s latest invention: a pair of what anyone looking at them would guess are earphones (tai nghe), but which play no music.

That’s because they’re actually a sleep aid device (thiết bị hỗ trợ giấc ngủ). “Oh, OK, so they play some sort of white noise (tiếng ồn trắng) to help you relax, right?” you might be guessing, but that’s not the case either, because these “earphones” don’t have any speakers at all. Instead, they have heaters (tính năng sưởi).

Thanko calls them Mimipokka, a combination of mimi (“ears”) and pokapoka (“warm and cozy”). Pop them in before you lay your head on the pillow, and Thanko says their gentle warmth will help you relax and destress, letting you drift off into the sort of tranquil (yên tĩnh) sleep necessary to recharge (sạc lại) your body and mind.

You can adjust the setting for three levels of warmth, and a timer can be set to automatically power down the device after 30 minutes, so that it’s not running all night long. Power is routed to the earphone-style heaters via USB cable, although with no internal battery you’ll have to connect or plug in the Mimipokka to some other power source.

Of course, they’re usable during daylight hours too. In addition to overnight sleeping, Thanko recommends using the Mimipokka for afternoon naps (ngủ trưa), when traveling, on your commute (trên đường) to and from the office, or, as shown in the bottom-right photo below, during “pointless work meetings” (ムダな会議に).

Mimipokka are available through Thanko’s online store here, priced at 4,980 yen (US$33). Just make sure not to drop them into the company’s rice-and-rice-bowl-topping cooker.

source: soranews24,

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