Rượu táo chứa cần sa phát nổ bị thu hồi ở Michigan

Nearly 15,000 cans of marijuana-infused (ngâm cần sa) cider drinks have been recalled (thu hồi) in Michigan amid reports they have a propensity (có xu hướng) to explode.
“A single batch (lô) of Armada Cannabis Co. Cannabis Apple Cider (20mg THC) is being recalled because the products were not compliantly (tuân thủ) produced and there have been reports of cans swelling (phồng lên) and bursting (nổ),”

The CRA said nearly 7,300 cans were sold to consumers (người tiêu dùng) between Oct. 11 and Nov. 1 at more than 75 stores across Michigan. The cans in question list a Jan. 2 expiration date (ngày hết hạn). A full list of the stores and product ID numbers are listed in the CRA recall notice.

The drinks are manufactured (sản xuất) by VBJG Mt. Clemens LLC, a company linked to Emerald Growth Partners, owner of Pleasantrees retail stores, based on CRA licensing reports.

MLive has requested and is awaiting comment from the manufacturer.

According to the CRA, the recall is “voluntary (tự nguyện),” indicating the business cooperated with the recall decision.

Customers who experience any issues with the product are asked to complete the CRA’s online adverse reaction form, or make a report by calling 517-284-8599. Any questions about the recall may be emailed to CRA-Compliance@michigan.gov.

source: mlive,

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