Bún mắng cháo chửi chưa là gì

quán bar ở nhật bản tính phí 100 yên một lần tát trước khi uống bia,

nếu khách muốn chọn nữ nhân viên đẹp, tát mạnh - > giá có thể lên tới 500 yên một lần tát... :)

A Japanese izakaya bar has come under fire for offering patrons the rather controversial service of being slapped on their faces (tát vào mặt) before having their meals served.

The Shachihoko-ya izakaya in Nagoya served its snacks with a hearty side of slaps delivered by its female staff. The bizarre service (dịch vụ kỳ lạ) is said to have revitalized the establishment’s business, attracting an increasing number of patrons (khách hàng quen) willing to try the painful experience. In the beginning, the face slapping was done by just one member of the izakaya staff, upon request, but as demand grew, management hired several girls willing to dish out some slaps and even started charging a fee of 100 yen (90 cents) per slap.

the izakaya’s weird face-slapping service, claiming that at one point it charged people up to 500 yen for choosing which one of its staff members to get slapped by. The service was popular with both Japanese men and women, as well as curious foreign tourists.

“The harder the female staff slapped them, the more excited the patrons became,”

source: oddity central,
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