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ba nhân viên của Dunkin' ở Texas bị bắt sau khi cảnh sát cho biết họ dùng súng đe dọa khách hàng...
Three Dunkin' employees in Texas were arrested after police say they threatened (đe dọa) a customer with guns (súng).

The El Paso Police Department reports that officers responded to a Dunkin' location earlier this month after someone reported that an individual had a gun.

When officers arrived, they learned a woman and her boyfriend had gone through the drive-thru (lái xe qua) to order doughnuts (bánh rán). The woman told police that she asked to speak to a manager after the employee was being "rude (thô lỗ)." She added that the person on the other end of the intercom (máy liên lạc nội bộ) responded with explicit language (ngôn ngữ rõ ràng), telling her that he was the manager.

As the woman drove to the window, police say three Dunkin' employees walked out of the store to confront (đối chất) the customers.

"During this altercation (cuộc cãi nhau), the three employees brandished handguns (nổ súng)," the El Paso Police Department stated.

The department added that one of the employees chambered a round in his pistol and pointed the gun at the 41-year-old man, saying, "Y'all gonna die tonight."

source: scrippsnews,

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