Sắp tới phải mua cái mũ to gấp đôi

nghiên cứu mới cho thấy ngủ trưa thường xuyên khiến não to hơn...
Regular daytime naps could be good for brain health, new research suggests.

Daytime napping could slow the rate at which brains shrink (co lại) as we age, the study led by researchers at UCL and the University of the Republic (cộng hòa) in Uruguay found.

The researchers hope their findings into the health benefits of sleeping during the day will reduce any stigma (kỳ thị) that still exists around daytime napping.

The study suggests the average difference in brain volume between people programmed to be habitual nappers (thói quen ngủ trưa) and those who were not was equivalent (tương đương) to 2.6 to 6.5 years of ageing. Scientists therefore reccommend that a 30 minute nap per day may contribute to slowing down the process of brain shrinkage.

Senior author (tác giả cao cấp) Dr Victoria Garfield, MRC Unit for Lifelong Health & Ageing at UCL, said: “Our findings suggest that, for some people, short daytime naps may be a part of the puzzle that could help preserve the health of the brain as we get older.”

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