Amazon đã quay phim 'Expats' ở Hồng Kông nhưng người dân ở đó không thể xem được

hai tập đầu tiên của bộ phim, được quay trong thời gian thành phố hạn chế đại dịch, đã được phát hành vào tuần trước nhưng không thể xem ở đó.

At the height of Hong Kong’s Covid restrictions (hạn chế), the government gave Nicole Kidman and several others a rare exemption (miễn trừ) from the weeks of hotel quarantine required for travelers so that they could film a series about the malaise (bất ổn) of privileged (đặc quyền) expatriates (người nước ngoài).

That series from Amazon Prime, “Expats,” which stars Ms. Kidman, aired its first two episodes last week in what it described as a worldwide release. For Hong Kong viewers, they appeared as “currently unavailable.”

The reasons are unknown. Amazon Studios declined to comment. A spokesman for the Hong Kong government said it had facilitated (tạo điều kiện thuận lợi) the filming of some street scenes in “Expats” but would not comment on the “operational (hoạt động) arrangement (sắp xếp) of individual businesses (công việc cá nhân).”

The show is being released after several years of transformation (biến đổi) in the city, a Chinese territory. Hong Kong was largely closed off to the world during three years of pandemic restrictions, and speech and dissent (bất đồng chính kiến) have become severely restricted (hạn chế) after a mass protest movement (phong trào biểu tình rầm rộ) was squashed (đàn áp) in 2019.

source: nytimes,

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