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công an cho biết, một phụ nữ thừa nhận cô ấy định nộp nước tiểu chó nhằm lừa dối việc sàng lọc ma túy theo lệnh của tòa án...
In a monumentally moronic scheme (kế hoạch ngu ngốc một cách hoành tráng), a woman admitted that she plotted to submit dog urine (nước tiểu chó) she had “collected” in an attempt to cheat a court-ordered drug screening (sàng lọc ma túy theo lệnh của tòa án),

According to investigators, Jessica Beatty, 42, was subject to random testing as a stipulation of release terms related to her December 28 arrest for possession of drug paraphernalia (tàng trữ dụng cụ sử dụng ma túy) and driving with a suspended license (giấy phép bị đình chỉ).

Beatty, a Clearwater, Florida resident, has a lengthy rap sheep (mối quan hệ lâu dài) with numerous cocaine convictions (kết án cocaine) and related incarceration terms (điều khoản giam giữ liên quan).

Free on her own recognizance following last month’s arrest, Beatty had an appointment Thursday to pee in a cup at the county’s Misdemeanor Probation Unit. The test is designed to “detect (điều tra) the presence of chemical substances (chất hóa học) or controlled substances (kiểm soát cơ bản),” cops noted.

Beatty apparently was concerned that her urine would turn up dirty, with such a finding likely to result in a bond revocation (thu hồi trái phiếu) and her immediate jailing.

So Beatty showed up with a “fraudulent urine sample,” according to a criminal complaint. A defendant’s provision of urine is visually monitored by a probation officer (nhân viên quản chế), making it difficult to hoodwink (đánh lừa) investigators.

When confronted (đối mặt) about the phony sample, Beatty reportedly admitted that she “collected urine from her aunt’s dog,” which she “intended to provide during testing.”

source: thesmokinggun,

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