Loại đá sang trọng từ sông băng Bắc Cực dành cho các quán bar thượng hạng phục vụ cocktail ở UAE

Guess what's cooling the drinks at UAE's swankiest (thượng hạng) bars? Ice from Arctic glaciers (sông băng), no less! That's right, Greenland's Arctic Ice company is plucking (lấy) ice straight from its dwindling glaciers (sông băng đang cạn dần) to give an icy touch (cảm giác lạnh giá) to Dubai's high-end cocktails. Talk about chilling in style!

But wait, there's a twist. Guess who's playing coy (nhút nhát)? Both Arctic Ice and Natural Ice. The plot thickens (chuyện đâm ra ly kỳ)!

Here's the juicy (hấp dẫn) backstory (cốt truyện): Arctic Ice, which popped up in 2022, just shipped a whopping (khổng lồ) 20 tons of ice to the UAE. And get this, it's all part of cofounder Malik V Rasmussen's grand plan to make Greenland less dependent on Denmark.

"We've been all about fish and tourism. It's time for something new."

But hang on, there's controversy brewing (gây tranh cãi). Despite Rasmussen's claims of being eco-friendly, skeptics (người hoài nghi) are raising eyebrows. With Greenland's glaciers melting at breakneck speed (tốc độ chóng mặt), is this really a sustainable move?

source: businessinsider,

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