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thanh niên người Đức uống cốc cà phê trong 3,12 giây, phá kỷ lục thế giới...
A German man broke a Guinness World Record when he downed a cup of coffee in 3.12 seconds.

The record-keeping organization (tổ chức lưu giữ kỷ lục) announced Felix von Meibom earned the title for fastest time to drink a cup of coffee in Frankfort.

Von Meibom's time of 3.12 seconds shaved .05 seconds off the previous record, which was set by fellow German and serial record-breaker (người phá kỷ lục hàng loạt) Andre Ortolf in 2021.

A video of the successful attempt shows von Meibom chugging (uống) the mug (cốc) of java while it is still hot and steaming (bốc khói).

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