Chỉ vì anh quá tin

hàng trăm đàn ông ấn độ cả tin giao tiền đặt cọc cho kẻ lừa đảo sau khi bị dụ dỗ bởi quảng cáo 'bẫy mật ong' đưa ra số tiền lớn để... thụ thai cho 'phụ nữ có chồng xinh đẹp' muốn có con...
Hundreds of gullible (cả tin) men have fallen victim to an elaborate 'impregnation (tẩm thai)' scam after being offered 'huge pay days' to spend a night in a hotel with a childless woman (phụ nữ không con) - as long as they hand over a big deposit (khoản tiền đặt cọc).

The 'All India Pregnant (mang thai) Job' internet scam has seen men across the country lured in (bị dụ vào) with pictures and videos of 'beautiful, married' women, under the false pretence that they will help them to get pregnant.

Men are encouraged to pay up to be registered (đăng kí) for the role and to guarantee they can sleep with the woman they choose - before scammers cut off contact with them and make off with their cash.

The racket (vụ việc) has seen eight people arrested (bắt giữ), with the suspected ringleader (kẻ cầm đầu bị nghi ngờ) said to be among more than a dozen other fraudsters (kẻ lừa đảo) who have reportedly absconded (bỏ trốn).

Facebook is awash with videos of young women seemingly advertising (quảng cáo) the service, with WhatsApp contact details included in posts encouraging men to get in contact to apply for the fake job.

source: dailymail,

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