Thế ngón tay giữa thì sao?

nếu ngón trỏ của bạn ngắn hơn ngón đeo nhẫn: -> bạn có thể là một psychopath (kẻ tâm thần, mất trí...)
From The Joker to Patrick Bateman, psychopaths have featured in many famous blockbuster hits (bom tấn ăn khách) throughout the years.

Now, scientists have revealed an easy way to identify (định danh) a psychopath in the real world – and it's all down to their hands.

A study has found that people who have a longer ring finger (ngón áp út) than index finger (ngón trỏ) are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies (xu hướng tâm lý).

Researchers from the Centre de Recherche Charles-Le Moyne in Quebec say the findings suggest that psychopathy may be 'biologically rooted (có nguồn gốc sinh học)'.

Writing in their study, the researchers said: 'While individuals with such behaviors are socially highly problematic and incur issues, such behavior might be biologically rooted (bắt nguồn từ) and understood as a fast life history strategy (chiến lược lịch sử cuộc sống).'

The study, published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, examined the hands of 80 participants (người tham gia) – 44 who had a clinical diagnosis (chẩn đoán lâm sàng) of amphetamine use disorder (rối loạn sử dụng amphetamine) (AUD), antisocial personality disorder (rối loạn nhân cách chống đối xã hội) (ASPD) or both, and 36 healthy control subjects.

The researchers took detailed scans of the participants' right hands and put them through several psychological evaluations (đánh giá tâm lý), including one designed to test for Dark Triad personality types.

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